Paramose R10B1 Paint and Varnish Stripper – Water Based - 5 Litres - Free Postage

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done Strips both water based and solvent paints
done Interior and Exterior use
done Penetrates multiple layers
done Safer and easier to use
done Low Odour
done Strips a wide variety of surfaces and coatings
done None flammable
done None corrosive
done None Flammable
done None-Corrosive
done Wood
done Metal
done Alloys
done Car Panels/Body
done Aluminium
done Brick
done Stone
done Solvent Based Paints
done Water Based Paints
done Varnish
done Lacquers
done Artex
done Driveway Sealers
done Powder Coating
done PVC Plastics

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Paramose R10B1 is a new water based, low odour, water rinsable paint stripper.


NEW TRIPLE ACTIVE TECHNOLOGY outperforms conventional DCM Free strippers by penetrating deeper and blistering FASTER, removes over 20 layers of paint in one generous application. Easily removes various coatings.


Always test an inconspicuous area before use to ensure the compatibility and finished result is acceptable. Protection should be provided for coatings that you do not wish to remove or any surface that may be damaged by i.e. perspex, plastics, rubber etc.

How to Apply

  • Paramose R10B1 is supplied ready to use and should not be diluted
  • Ensure the surface is completely dry before application
  • Shake well before each use. Cover the top with a cloth during opening to avoid splashes
  • Layer a generous, even coat onto the surface using a clean brush or airless spray (rollers can be used for light coatings) DO NOT BRUSH OUT
  • Leave for one hour and apply a second generous coat. For less than 5 layers of Paint or Varnish, a second coat may not be necessary. After the product has penetrated the substrate (up to 24 hours) scrape off with suitable scrapers, leaving surface as clean as possible.
  • Rinse clean with cold water containing detergent and a stainless steel scourer or scotch pad, leave do dry. NEVER USE STEEL WOOL – STAINLESS STEEL ONLY

COSHH Data Sheet Available on Request

R10B1 Paint and Varnish Stripper manufacturer in the UK by the makers of Paramose.

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