Flo-Through Machine

To Order the TS5 Flow Through Machine:

Total Cost £2,640.00  included in this cost is full training and business set-up, we also provide an excellent after sales service. Please contact us on 01925 75 3553 or sales@ktecproducts.co.uk

The TS5 Flow-Through Stripping Machine has been developed to make stripping easier and quicker. It is a self contained business – should you want to strip your own products or for your customers, this machine will prove invaluable. The Flo-Through Machine is suitable for use in today’s environmentally-aware business, is cost effective as the stripping products are recycled again and again. This system meets all the current COSHH regulations.

The Flow-Through Machine is manufactured using only the highest quality components, ensuring durability and quality. It consists of a galvanised sloping 8’ x 4’ tray set into a galvanised steel frame, where you place your item to be stripped.

Underneath the tray is a 2’ x 1’ filter box where you pour in the stripper. The stripper is then pumped from the filter box through steel braided hoses and out through a specially manufactured brush at the end of the hose.

The stripper then washes over your item and into the tray then back into the filter box to be used again.

Unlike dip tanks it does not use large amounts of stripper, with only 25 litres needed to prime the unit, due to it being re-circulated through the unique 2 filter system. This enables you to obtain excellent results at a fraction of the cost of dipping, as well as none of the problems associated with the use of caustic.

The stripper designed for this machine is very thin and develops an anti- evaporation film very quickly, making it a highly effective water washable stripper.

An example of how efficient this system is - a typical set of 4 chairs can be stripped in as little as 40 minutes or a gate leg table in 30 minutes.
There is no limit to what you can strip.

Full training and business set-up comes with the system and we provide an excellent after sales service.

Machine Specification

  • 8’ x 4’ Galvanised sloping tray set into galvanised steel frame
  • Filter
  • Galvanised steel exterior
  • 33 litre capacity with stainless steel filters

  • ½ hp single phase motor with direct coupled bronze pump

  • Stainless Steel

Foot Switch
  • Powder coated steel – single phase