Paramose Industrial Paint and Varnish Remover - THICK - 25 Litres - £140.00

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done Powerful
done Multi Surface
done Low Evaporation
done No Need To Neutralise
done Easy to Apply
done Fast Acting
done Will Not Raise Grain
done Will Not Darken Wood
done Wood
done Metal
done Aluminium
done Marble
done Slate
done Solvent Based Paints
done Water Based Paints
done Varnish
done Polyurethane Lacquers
done Two Pack Epoxy
done Industrial Paints
done Powder Coating

Paramose is a traditional industrial strength paint stripper containing Dichloromethane. Two consistencies are available, both are the same strength both are low in evaporation.

Easy to Apply

This thicker consistency has been specially adapted to aid the removal of lacquers. Designed for vertical surfaces it will not drip or run. Paramose THICK paint stripper remains on the item longer allowing better penetration, ideal for multi-coated surfaces, it is designed to be washed off with water.

Preparation, Application, and Safety

Easy to follow instructions on the can.

COSHH DATA SHEET available on request

INDUSTRIAL USER If you require further information or clarification on the regulations please contact us. A full refund will be made if this product has been ordered in error.

For more information on Paint Strippers see our Help and Advice page.

The colour of the Drum may vary.

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