Enviromose Pro Grade Paint Stripper

Enviromose Pro Grade Paint Stripper

Strong and Safe
Enviromose paint stripper is a strong yet a much safer alternative than conventional stripping solvents.  Safe to handle with no burn to the skin and low odour, this unique formula has been designed specially to be used where a safe environment is paramount. Making it the ideal product for DIY use in and around the home and garden.

Labour Saving
Enviromose Pro Grade Paint Stripper has a very slow evaporation so you can leave the product to penetrate through multi layers instead of the normal repeated coat and scrape making it a labour saving product without the unpleasant side effects.

Versatile DIY Product
Enviromose is an extremely versatile product ideal for use in and around the home for walls, ceilings, staircases, externally on brickwork, decking, garden furniture patios and driveways, PVC windows and conservatories.

Due to its thick consistency this is perfect for use on vertical surfaces, it can remain on the item longer, making it ideal for multi-coated layers.

Preparation, Application and Safety Instructions
Easy to follow instruction on the container

Tips and Information Sheet included

COSHH Data Sheet available on Request

Enviromose Pro Grade Paint Stripper manufactured in the UK by the makers of Paramose.

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