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Why can’t I buy the original paint stripper if I am not an Industrial User?
In 2009 a new European Regulation was passed (455/2009/EC) restricting any product containing Dichlormethane (DCM) to industrial use only. This product can now only be used in a workshop environment and it is now an offence to sell this product for general consumer use.

What qualifies me as an Industrial User?
To qualify you need to be a tradesman/professional and are using this product in an industrial/workshop environment with adequate ventilation.

Why do I have to submit an Industrial User Form?
We need to have your confirmation that you understand the restrictions surrounding this product and are adhering to the restrictions on all products containing DCM.

What is the difference between the thick paint stripper and the thin paint stripper?
Paramose THIN Paint Stripper
Does not need to be neutralized with water, to remove you would use a scraper, steel wool and you can wipe with white spirit on a cloth to finish, this is optional.  The benefits of THIN, there is less messy residue, it is fast and easy to apply, it goes further making it cost effective.You would use THIN If you prefer not to wash off with water, for example stripping veneered furniture, using THIN paint stripper will not raise the grain.

Paramose THICK WATER WASHABLE Paint Stripper
This product has been designed to be washed off with water, you would use a scraper first to remove the excess then wash off with soapy water. The benefits of THICK, you can use this where you don’t want it to drip or run, for instance on window frames, overhead beams, etc , you can leave it on longer allowing better penetration ideal for heavily coated surfaces.

Is there any difference in the strength between the thick and thin paint stripper?
No –Both products are the same strength 

How do I apply this product?

  • Simply brush on a generous, even coat, do not overbrush
  • Leave for about 20 minutes until the paint or varnish reacts
  • Always let Paramose do the work for you. The longer you leave it the more it will strip
  • For multi-layered surfaces (5 or more) a second coat of Paramose may be applied using a dabbing motion
  • There is no need to remove the first coat – let the Paramose do the work!
  • Check for penetration and remove softened paint with a scraper
  • For a professional finish, rub down with coarse steel wool
  • On wood, follow the grain – with water washable, wash with soapy water

What equipment do I need when using paint stripper?
Paint stripper can be applied with a brush or roller and removed with a paint scraper, stainless steel scourer, coarse steel wool. 

What safety equipment do I need when using paint stripper?
Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves (these must be chemical resistant), safety goggles.

Why would I use a stainless steel scourer?
Stainless steel scourers, although look harsh are gentle enough to use on most surfaces without causing scratching.  The advantage of using a scourer is that it breaks down the paint or lacquer allowing the paint stripper to penetrate further, making a significant saving on the amount of paint stripper you use.

What alternative paint stripper would you recommend if I can’t use the original paint stripper?
We would recommend Enviromose Pro Grade Paint Stripper which is a water based, safe, low odour paint stripper, manufactured especially to replace products containing DCM.

What can I use it for?
Pro Grade Paint Stripper can be used for removing paint, varnishes, lacquers, stains and even artex finishes and powder coatings on wood, metal, stone, brick, masonry and most surfaces.

Where can I use it?
Internally for walls, ceilings, hallways, staircases etc.  Externally on renders, brickwork, sheds, decking, gates and railings.  It will work on most substrates WOOD – be careful on veneers over long periods, always test a small area before use.  METAL – safe on most metals, steel will rust once the coating is removed, ALLOYS & ALUMINIUM if leaving for long periods test a small area first.

How does NON Dichloromethane paint stripper differ in use to one containing Dichloromethane?

  • Opaque gel consistency to aid visibility and application to vertical surfaces
  • Slower evaporation and hence LONGER STRIPPING TIME
  • Does NOT initially blister the paint and flash off
  • Activates a chemical reaction which continues through several layers of paint therefore less need for re-application

How long does it take for different coatings?

Gloss paint, 10 layers - 3 to 4 hours
Lacquers - 4 + hours
Varnishes - 5 to 30 minutes
Very thick paint - overnight

Always let Enviromose do the work for you. The longer you leave it the more it will strip.

What do I do if I have to leave overnight?
Cover with plastic sheeting to protect

Is it hazardous?
The product is not hazardous if sensible precautions are taken –protect all surrounding areas before commencing work. Always ventilate the area well.

What tips can you give me for best performance?
Using the paint stripper in a warmer environment gives a better performance. 
Apply a generous even coat of at least 4mm thick.
For an extremely heavy coated area, leave one hour and apply a second coat.
Don’t let the Paint Stripper dry out as it will loose performance.
If the paint or coating blisters within a few minutes apply a second coat of paint stripper

What is the coverage?
Approximately 2-4m2 per Litre, this will depend on the coating thickness and how applied

What type of paint stripper is the best one to use in a dip tank?
We recommend the Paramose TS5 for dip tanks, it is very thin and has an extremely quick evaporation retardant, significantly reducing the amount of paint stripper you use.

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